A Menswear brand based in Berlin, founded in 1999

A.D.Deertz designs are simple and individual classics that have a timeless and unpretentious feel to them .


We keep our styles for years not seasons

We work at our own pace combining artisanal techniques and an appreciation for textiles into classic styles.
The styles that work, we keep them for years, and you can always come back to your favorite pieces in a new fabric or colour

Sustainable sourcing from surplus material

Our fabrics are mostly sourced from overproduction in Portugal & Italy. Using this surplus material is an ecological advantage and it gives us access to the finest fabrics from European mills often produced for big luxury labels.
We enjoy travelling to the warehouses to dig through endless rolls of fabrics to find the gems we want to bring home to make garments for you.

Limited Series

Whereas our classic styles stay in production for years, we add new fabrics and colors depending the season and the serendipity of our fabric sourcing.
Production runs are as small as 5 pieces,so whatever you choose - it is very unique.

Natural Fibres

We believe in creating long lasting items that reduceover consumption. Our collections are mainly made up of cotton, wool and linen. 

We choose natural fibres, as they are the most sustainable, comfortable and breathable fabrics for our bodies. 

Decade long partnerships

The production takes place in Poland and Portugal with the small specialized workshops we have been collaborating with for years.
Having a strong relationship with our production, allows us to be flexible with orders, to be able to offer custom sizes and unique pieces.

The name and person behind the brand

Wibke Deertz started the brand in 1999, first it was called ADD and but later when focusing exclusively on Menswear it was renamed A.D.Deertz
Wibke chose to work in places where there is more garment industry, more tailors, more knowledge and set up ateliers in Buenos Aires, Hanoi and Bangkok. Not being trained in fashion but in Fine Arts, she learned, with local artisans, sometimes without having a common language. Sketches, patterns, fabrics were often the sole way of communicating. The challenge is the fun and different surroundings are the inspiration.

The Berlin Store

The store opened in 2010, right in the centre of Berlin in the district of Mitte it is the heart of the brand. Here we showcase new designs, develop ideas and welcome our customers and friends.

Conscious Consumption

We don’t over complicate things, all of our products are made for simplicity. Easy to wear, versatile items, easy to look after and made to be kept for a long time.
we have huge respect for the agricultural and artisanal processes, the many hands that contribute from harvesting the plants, turning the fibres into threads and then fabrics, the cutting and sewing of the garments.

Buy less and wear better quality pieces.

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