About A.D.Deertz Menswear Berlin

A.D.Deertz is a Berlin based brand founded by Wibke Deertz. Since 2008 the focus is exclusively on Menswear.

Deertz menswear designs simple and individual classics that have a timeless and unpretentious feel to them .
The products evolve out of the appreciation of the craft of textile making where the industrial as well as artisanal techniques are often combined.

Making menswear carries the challenge of not doing too much, to not interfere with character - the man has to look himself .
A.D.Deertz products carry an effortless appeal are well crafted and highly combinable, age- and time- less.

The fabrics are carefully sourced, mainly from Italy and Portugal with a keen commitment on sustainability.
Sourcing stock fabrics mainly from industrial overproduction allows to find the best fabrics in the world paired with the fun aspect of serendipity as the lucky finds then determine the product range.
The production takes place in Poland and Portugal with the small specialized workshops Deertz has been working with for years.

Quitting the seasonal cycle of the fashion world was essential for the fair exchange of giving each product the time needed to develop it to perfection.
Many of the signature menswear designs are produced in a multiple selection of fabrics and colors and remain in the collection as long as the material availability allows. Production runs are as small as 5 Pieces so whatever you choose - it s very unique.

The store on Torstrasse in Berlin it is the hub for design, development, sales, fun and webshop.

The focus is not on expansion, but on the joy of a manageable and autonomous business that stays true to making long lasting products that make men look and feel their best .

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