Returning to Hanoi

After 2 years of working in Bangkok I went back to Vietnam for a production - I had a lot of fabric stock from Bangkok put on a truck through Cambodia and it made it across the borders.

searching for material in the market searching more material in stores

crazy stock material

In a few weeks time the tailor I had worked with before took care of the production . His wife spoke some english and we had the meetings in their house  - the workshop was on the first floor and every time I walked in the seamstresses just laughed at the pure sight of me .

working with my hanoi team

women sewing the collection to be sold in berlin

Túan, the tailor impresses me in many ways- he is so sharp  and judging from his productivity it seems his day has 27 hours instead 24.
We produced a good collection of new items for the new Berlin shop.

wibke and her indespensable tailor