I went to Mongolia to do styling for a catalogue of a German fashion brand and stayed a bit after the job was done and took a trip to see the vast landscape. Seeing real nomadic life in this hard climate condition made me realize quite a lot about food, wool, clothing, possessions and life in general.


my home gir

Keeping all these animals is constant  work and the families rarely get to eat together. It was also the first time I saw yaks and cashmere goats. People comb the fine hairs out of the goats - that is cashmere and it takes forever to gain a substantial amount. Treasure anything you have in this or any other wool!

wool goat wool sheep

man with wool goats

I had a contact to a local knitting factory and visited the workshop. I had some samples made in Camel and Yak wool but somehow did not order production of the sweaters, though the yarn quality  was fantastic I could not come up with cool designs for the natural color of the camel or yak.  Maybe some other time!

final product

man hunting with eagle