High Rollaz

Khaya Jacket

Meet the High Rollaz

We linked up with British based roller skating crew: High Rollaz in the UK. We spent the day skating with them around their city, London and then at the seaside coastal city of Brighton. Meet Alphie (seen here) Dwayne and Kay (below). A brotherhood, founded in a love for play. Many of us lose that wonder with friends as we age, allowing other ‘things’ to get in the way. but what we loved about these guys, regardless of a decade long friendship they continue to pursue joy in the simple things. To be able to skate, dance and move like these guys, you need clothes that are comfortable, light and flexible to move in.

Assam Jacket


"Skating is like an extension of yourself. It allows you to move through life at a different pace, quite literally.’' Meet Kay. Most often seen in a tracksuit in his downtime, we styled him our Ash pants, the elasticated waist and cuffs make it a great casual piece, but more elevated.

Tapi Shirt


"Practice anything every day and you’ll master the craft.’’ Normally caught between training sessions in his local neighborhood Dwayne loves trying new things. Like a lot of men, he had never tried wearing shorts outside of the beach before, we paired him with our dark slate Kauri shorts with our Sulphur Ironwood t-shirt to break up the color and now it's his new go-to Summer look.

Khaya Jacket


"I’m grateful to be able to skate with mates, it´s an instant community where everyone is rooting for you to do better. ‘’ Meet Alphie, constantly on the go in London, with a motto to pack light. Our Olive Khaya reversible jacket was his first pick - it's a color that goes well with all skin tones, and the fact it's reversible allows you to look like a whole new jacke

Kauri Shorts

The colour that keeps you calm

Blue is the universal colour of calm. Our collection of shirts, shorts and tees are perfect for transitioning seasons. Nothing beats a classic blue shirt thrown over a white tee for a clean, sophisticated and classic look. Pair with our Ash Pants for a more city look available in various colors.Alternatively for a more relaxed-beach look you can pair with our Kauri shorts available in various material , uni color and printed.

Ash Pants

Keep spinning around

You have to keep dancing, it’s medicine for the soul. Kay is seen here flexing his incredible roller dancing skills, wearing our Ash pants, which are great for movement as they have a drawstring waistband and are cuffed at the ankles.

Wakame Shirt

Alphie Shorts Look

Clothes should amplify your overall look. Style’s unique, it's an external communication, a dialogue you’re creating. The way you move in clothes, the way you hold yourself changes in pieces. Alphie is seen here in our Wakame shirt in floral print, a retro-inspired piece with our structured Kauri shorts which are perfect for a more relaxed city look.

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