Burkina Faso

street view, car covered with fabric parked

 This trip was pure inspiration.  I went to a biannual mask festival that is held in Dedougou and I have never seen anything this amazing.

mask festival

Different communities  from neighboring countries and communities showcase their spirits and stories and dances with their masks. Being submerged in the crowd of dancers and spectators with the constant sounds of drums was a dream. I was told that a person never chooses which mask to embody but is chosen by the spirit of the mask.

mask dancing at the festival mask dancing at the festival

Traveling to Ougadougou and Bobo-Dioulasso i bought some fabrics for shirts but it was the experience that will make a lasting effect forever.

yucca shirt fish scales fabric

Back home  i watched the documentary film - the Siren of Faso Fani Through th eyes of former workers of a once-famous cotton factory in Burkina Faso, the documentary film shows the devastating consequences of a global economic policy by the IWF