Pavia, Italy

Can't believe the way we flow is a show created by Oliviero Bifulco with costumes by A.D.Deertz.

The premiere was on the 20th November of 2021 at Teatro Franschino, an absolutely stunning theater that was opened in 1773.

Designing dance clothes for the first time was a challenge and the experience with the dancers and team was an unforgettable adventure into the world of modern ballet.

Photo by Alessia Santambrogio

Photo by Anna Psaroudakis


Much love and huge respect for the dancers performing this emotional poetry to the compositions of Max Richter.

Oliviero Bifulco, Renato deLeon, Anna Zardi, Viola Busi,Coralie Murgia,Matteo Zorzoli, Julia Canard, Valentin Chou, Martina Marini, Layla Proietti

Choreography by @olivierobifulco assisted by Adele Fiocci
Light design by Cecile Giovansili Vissière