Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi was love on first sight! I was so fascinated by the people, they embodied something that to me defined the word coolness .

Hanoi, so many motorbikes on the road

I was lucky to meet an amazing group of artists that introduced me to the city and it did not take long for me to decide to rent a place for a few months and work on a collection there.

chilling with my firends in Hanoi chilling in Hannoi


Hanoi definitely also was my biggest adventure in terms of garment making. It took a while until I found a tailor to work with - the small amounts of items I wanted to make were not attractive to most of them and also my designs were  perceived as very ugly. Communication and sourcing high quality fabrics were a major challenge

market in hanoi buildings in Hanoi

Still I kept on finding my way through, it was a pretty tough but amazing experience.
I learned massively about color as there is a whole other range of hues in the city, the buildings the garments the foliage of plants.

Hanoi is an extremely photogenic and place many times I felt I am in a photo.
( The only music that I thought was possible to listening to while riding on the back of a motorbike was  - Nico and the Velvet Underground ).

biker watching parade